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Mark Post in person Columbus GA Lawyer

In 2018, Mark Post Law, LLC, opened in Columbus, Georgia. Prior to opening this firm, Mark Post joined a Columbus, Georgia, law firm as a partner and owner. Mark served many clients during his time there sharing his wealth of legal knowledge and substantial experience in the field of complex litigation gained over many years trying cases before juries.

A skilled and accomplished litigator with over thirty years of experience, Mark has favorably concluded civil matters as plaintiff’s counsel involving serious personal injury and wrongful death, false arrest, malicious prosecution, violation of civil rights, negligence, and nuisance. He has successfully defended those falsely accused of sexual offenses; served as criminal defense counsel in federal drug cases in which up to thirty-five defendants were indicted; skillfully litigated white collar criminal cases involving over a million dollars; and tried multiple co-defendant murder, armed robbery, and drug cases. Mark regularly handles criminal record correction or restriction (often referred to as expungement), petitions for removal from sex offender registries, and retroactive First Offender petitions for those in need of assistance.

Mark graduated from Emory University with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and furthered his education at the University of Georgia School of Law receiving his law degree in 1992. He served twenty years as a State prosecutor, as an Assistant District Attorney and Chief Assistant District Attorney. He effectively handled more than five thousand cases as lead counsel which included receiving more than 100 verdicts in jury trials in Superior Court and a trial success rate of 98% over the last 13 years of his prosecutorial career.

Mark has experience as an appellate attorney as illustrated through the legal briefs he wrote and the arguments he made in over 50 cases that resulted in written appellate decisions from the Georgia Supreme Court and the Georgia Court of Appeals. These decisions include nine published Georgia Supreme Court decisions in murder cases.

In addition to practicing law, Mark is politically active and serves the community as a member of various boards. He is married, has a daughter, son in law, and grandsons.