Personal Injury

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If you’ve been injured because someone else acted recklessly, negligently and even intentionally, it is important that you to contact an attorney to help get you back on your feet. It is best to act quickly with your personal injury case to ensure that you preserve evidence and protect your rights.

Our attorneys often need to act quickly to procure evidence that assists us with making sure that you get the best compensation possible for someone else’s intentional, negligent, or recklessness act.

Acting quickly to hire an attorney may limit the financial injury inflicted by the person who caused your injury. It is better than letting insurance companies or their attorneys low-ball or bully you.

Mark Post Law attorneys strive to make wrongdoers and anyone else responsible for your pain and suffering accountable for their actions, by ensuring that you get high-quality, cost-effective representation for your case.

Understanding Personal Injury Cases

In legal terms, your personal injury case is called a “tort,” which essentially translates to “civil wrong.” We understand how to prove these wrongs, and how to take steps to effectively protect your rights in and out of civil court.

We use the law to inform the proper parties about your injuries, how the accident happened, and what you’ve suffered as a result. We tell your story for you, seeking to establish fault, determine proper compensation, and explore settlement options. Mr. Post and Mr. Ladson’s involvement dramatically increases your odds for successful negotiations or successful litigation.

“What Kinds of Cases do Personal Injury Attorneys Cover?”

Property owners have to ensure that all visitors are safe on their property. If you’ve been seriously injured because of negligence due to a property owner (residence, restaurant, mall, etc.) failing to take reasonable steps to avoid your injury from hazards such as uneven floors, debris, poor lighting, or even an assault, you could be compensated for your injuries. These cases are commonly referred to as premises liability cases.

Animal accidents or attacks in Georgia.

More people are bitten by domesticated animals than you might think. Before you decide to just let a bite heal, you should seek medical treatment and find out as much information as you can about the pet, its owner, and any potential witnesses.  We can make sure that you receive the compensation you deserve from negligence due to an animal attack.

Automobile, Trucking, and Motorcycle accidents

Because of pain and suffering, emotional distress, and medical expenses, insurance companies often want to settle your case as quickly as possible, and in their favor. Our attorneys will make sure that they are not taking advantage of you. We study to know the laws and regulations that get you the proper treatment and compensation you need.

Truck accidents in Columbus, Georgia, and elsewhere.

Trucking companies have special laws and regulations that they must follow. We may find safety violations, poor maintenance records, and driver errors or fatigue that led to your injury. Such evidence assists us in proving liability.

Wrongful death cases in Georgia.

These kinds of cases recover the expenses associated with wrongful death, helping give you respite from the burden you and your family face.

Mark Post Law is known for honesty and work ethic. We advocate for you and your rights, using all our legal knowledge and case management skills. We will work to get you the most reimbursement possible for your injury and treatment, loss of property, and loss of income. Many cases even include emotional distress, damage to reputation, and punitive damages (as punishment for wrongdoing).

Intentional Torts in Georgia.

These wrongs include false imprisonment, assault and battery, and malicious prosecution. These cases may be handled as a tort or a civil rights case depending on the circumstances.