Record Restriction (Expungement), Retroactive First Offender, and Registry Removal

Record restriction (often called “expungement”) is typically an action in which a first-time offender seeks those records of that earlier process be restricted or sealed, making the records unavailable through most state repositories. Although record restriction (expungement) deals with an underlying criminal record, it is an administrative or civil action in which the subject is the petitioner or plaintiff asking a court to declare that the records be restricted or sealed.

Similarly, a Petition for Retroactive First Offender treatment asks a court to allow a convicted offender, eligible for first offender treatment when sentenced and who was not made aware of such eligibility, be retroactively sentenced as a first offender. This change in status may allow the former convicted person to avoid the permanent consequences of the conviction such as being considered a convicted felon or being precluded from advancing in their career due to a conviction. Mark Post Law, LLC, has considerable experience in handling these types of cases.

We are here for you when dealing with sex offender registry matters too. If you have been on the Georgia registry for over ten years (and sometimes less) you may be eligible for removal. Please contact our office to schedule an appointment to discuss your options.