1.3 Million Settlement Dump Truck Wreci

$1.3 Million Dump Truck Settlement

Dump truck corporation seeking to cut costs, hired a bad driver with a bad record, leading to a wreck that changed client’s life.  The truck driver had multiple driving citations and his CDL was suspended after this wreck for unsafe driving.  This is an example of how filing a lawsuit and digging into a driver’s history can lead to better results for you, particularly in cases involving big company drivers.

890000Insurance Coverage

$890,000 Insurance Coverage

Mitchell Ladson was part of a trial team that obtained a $890,000 jury verdict in where the  insurance company disputed coverage for law firm in malpractice action  Finding insurance coverage and holding companies accountable is a critical part of every case.  We know how to locate coverage, and then how to make it apply in your case.

Pit Bull Attack 500000 recovery

Pit Bull Attack – $500,000 recovery

Savage attack by an unrestrained pit bull with a history of violence. Case resolved the case for $500,000.

$1.25 Million Trucking Settlement

With co-counsel Fred Overby, recovered 1.25 million dollars for client. Result  obtained during Mr. Ladson’s 9 years with Gary Bruce.

One Million Recovery from Nightclub for overserving Drunk Driver

Recovery from Nightclub for Over-serving Drunk Driver

Atlanta nightclub overserved patron with alcohol, who later drove killing a passenger. Mitchell Ladson with co-counsel Shelly Crochet, recovered $1 million policy limit from club.”

Truck Wreck

$325,000 recovered for Trucker Hit by Bad Driver

We represented husband and wife truck driver team who narrowly avoided a roll-over of their big truck when a negligent driver crashed into them on an interstate. Settlement was $325,000. More importantly, our client obtained the surgical care she desperately needed.

Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death

Large confidential settlement obtained for family of wrongful death victim who died because of a violation of his constitutional rights.